As foster, and adoptive parents, we often need to have really tough conversations with the kids in our care. These discussions range from their birth family, abuse they have endured, racial, or sexual discrimination they have experienced, sexual acting out, and so much more. This training will provide practical tools to handle these tough conversations to better prepare you ahead of time.  This course is worth 3 hours.


Family Training Specialist

Taryn Meek

Taryn is a Family Training Specialist at FosterAdopt Connect. She has a training, and education background. She has over 5 years of experience within the foster care community. Her and her husband are currently licensed foster parents, and are adoptive parents.

Resource Development Assistant

Stacy Mays

Stacy Mays joined FosterAdopt Connect in 2016 as a Resource Development Assistant. She has a Master's Degree in Social Work. She has a strong desire to serve families affected by trauma. Stacy started her passion in social work as a foster parent and added to her family through adoption. Stacy has nine children and two grandbabies. When not serving the community, Stacy enjoys being with her family doing outdoor activities, dining out, sporting activities and weekend trips.

Course curriculum

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