As a foster parent, there are a wide variety of resources available to you and to the children in your home. Sometimes, in the moment, it may feel like there just are not enough resources to help you, or these children. This class will give you important resources ahead of time, so when you need them most, you have those tools for support. It takes a village to care for these kids. Find your village, and tool kit here!  The specific resources we discuss will be for the Kansas City Metro area, and general for all other areas. This course is worth 2 credit hours. 


Family Training Specialist

Taryn Meek

Taryn is a Family Training Specialist at FosterAdopt Connect. She has a training, and education background. She has nearly 5 years of experience within the foster care community. Her and her husband are currently licensed foster parents, and are adoptive parents.

Course curriculum

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    • Zoom Link

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    • 9/28/22 - Foster Parent Resources- Did you Know - Survey