This training will discuss the importance of sibling bonds, and relationships. We will discuss ways to protect, and nurture sibling relationships within your home, biological families, or across multiple homes when siblings were not able to be placed together.  This is a required course the second year of foster care licensure.  This course is worth 7 hours.


Director of Training

Joe Yearns

Joe Yearns is the Director of Training at FosterAdopt Connect. As a child of generational abuse, Joe knew two things. First, he wanted and loved kids. Second, he realized, that kids need to be parented differently than he was. After ten years in the finance industry, building training and quality assurance measures for corporations, he and his husband, Clayton, fostered and eventually adopted four children. Clayton and Joe were one of the first same-sex couples in Jackson County, Missouri, to have a single adoption from foster care. In addition to raising their youngest boys, Joe is actively involved in foster care advocacy and working with their local school district to ensure the voices of children impacted by foster care are being heard. Currently, Joe and his family reside in Raymore, MO, where they actively contribute to the development of their community.

Course curriculum

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    • Zoom Link

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    • Handouts

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    • 11/12/22 - Survey - Importance of Sibling Placement