Engaging students to participate in their IEP meetings has been shown to develop student’s skills in self advocacy and self-determination. This training will provide students with a better understanding of what an IEP is and why it is important as well as how to participate in and present information at their own IEP meetings.  This training is for young adults who have disabilities to learn the process of being in charge of one’s life. Leadership skills taught include advocating for yourself, leading and participating in your own IEP and making choices and decisions about career, education and living. This training will be provided by MPACT.  This course is worth 2 credit training hours. 


Family Training Specialist

Taryn Meek

Taryn is a Family Training Specialist at FosterAdopt Connect. She has a training, and education background. She has over 5 years of experience within the foster care community. Her and her husband are currently licensed foster parents, and are adoptive parents.

Alisha Ogden

Course curriculum

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    • 12/12/22 MPACT- Survey